life unrestricted

by Jermaine Jay Lane

A Bitter Balm, So Good

Oscar J. Baeza via Compfight   Ugggghhh, to block out the negative words Like a symbiote attaching itself to your subcutaneous membrane Until you disappear and resemble Something else. An ebony hued doppleganger, spewing venom as a survival mechanism. As much as you may try to gain awareness Awareness to pull the negativity off of […]

You Are Not Your Situation Or My First Dialysis And Fighting Blood Ninjas

Shane Gorski via Compfight   The first time ever I saw your face is a soulful ballad by the songstress Roberta Flack.  The first time ever I had dialysis, was far far from soulful. Or ballady. (Ballady?) I was in the hospital at Henrico Doctor’s Hosptial, awaiting my inaugural dialysis treatment.  Having no prior knowledge […]

People Mean Well- Do This Instead Of Getting Frustrated When Someone Asks How You Are Doing

Evil Erin via Compfight   You aren’t an aggressive person by nature.  You have a pretty genteel way about you, and you even slip the word genteel into conversation every now and again.  You know they mean well, but if one more person asks you how you are feeling or if you are okay, you […]

Why Fighting For The Intangible When You Are Sick Is The Harder Battle

John Ryan via Compfight   Momma Lane told me when I first was diagnosed with my kidney disease: “Don’t get comfortable being sick. It’s called a dis-ease for a reason.” When I was on hemodialysis, 4 hours a session, 3x a week, I remembered those words.  When I was in and out of the hospital […]

Not Easily Forgotten: An Annual Review of 2013

Wendell via Compfight   Twenty Thirteen. With all of it’s highs and lows Ebbs and flows. We sit at the cusp of anew. The blending of potential and kinetic As we plan, as we declare changes resolute. A moment, for me, of reflection.   Twenty Thirteen unfolded many things which went well. The kindness of […]

A Better Question To Ask Than Why

Eric via Compfight   When “life” happens, we all what to know why. Why did ______ have to happen?  Esp. to me. A better question to ask is, “What.” What can I learn from this? What is God teaching me? What can I do to help someone else Esp. while all this drama is going […]

The Handle Of A Hero

  Ross Beckley via Compfight I can’t take it. Not one more thing. She said, watching her world, ignited. Yes. Yes you can. We will never know our full measure Until we are measured. A hero is not needed when everything is safe. Superman is not needed when the world is calm. Bruce Banner does […]

On Giving Up, Giving Out, And Giving

Rooners Toy Photography via Compfight   Have you felt like, if one more bad thing happens, you will literally meltdown?  I’m talking about full on utter and complete hulking out and smashing everything around you.  It’s been that kind of year for me, perhaps for you too.  It’s so tempting to just give up. Throw […]

Today Is Our Past, Present, And Future

Matt Callow via Compfight   Today is your past, present, and future. You are living your memories. Right now How will you remember today?  

The Wait Of Shame

madamepsychosis via Compfight   You say “I”m speaking the truth in love.” It seems like Your “truth” Is hurtful, opinioned, saturated with pious dogma and fear Which weighs on the soul.   The truth sets you free. Not beats you down like a conformity jackhammer. The truth is weightless. Shame though? The wait of shame is heavy around […]