$100 Startup Book Giveaway

Together, we'll do great things!


What do you hope for?
Freedom? A new future? Or
Perhaps direction?

This remarkable
Book will help you focus from
Flashlight to laser.

Write in the comments
Why you want this book and how
You think it will help.

Our impartial judge
Will pick a name and shazam
This book will be yours.


[Poem #135.  Click here for my book review and here for additional book reviews from well respected authors and thought leaders.  Did I mention the book is autographed by Chris himself?]

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  • This month was declared “seek direction month” for me. I’ve spend the last year in healing and growth. Now it’s time to move forward! This book could be a fun tool to help with that. I love that you wrote a poem for the giveaway, too. Nice work!

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