1001 Words: Connected

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[Poem #162.  Author’s Note:  I had a great conversation this morning with a lovely group of people about this very idea.  How our culture and technology bring us together, or does it?  I’m sure you’ve seen it, a couple at a restaurant sitting across from each other, eyes on their phone in silence.  Or a house where the dad is on his laptop, mom on the phone, one child on the PS3, another on the iPad, no one engaging in conversation with each other, but connected?

I’m not saying this is right or wrong, I’m making the observation that we try so hard to perfect our online communication, we jump on the next social media site or the next shiny new touchscreen, yet we forgo the number one brand in the world, of all time.  Brand human.  Face to face, eye to eye, engagement.  I’m going to work on this, practice using that off switch and engaging in life and the people around me.  What are your thoughts on this phenomenon?]

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