1001 Words: Joy

One Year of Smiles and Joy



[Poem #196.  Context:  Yesterday was baby girl’s one year birthday/party extravaganza!  It was…My wife and I are new to the parenting gig, and we put our all into this, with help from my in-laws and other friends (No, we didn’t hire a clown or have pony rides.  But now that I think of it, a clown would have been cool.)

This year was extraordinary.  Many doctor/E.R visits with baby girl, lots of late nights/early morning blending together (I honestly can’t remember October and I think I started sleepwalking.), etc.  Yet at the same time, so much laughter, so much merriment, so much love and hope and joy.

We found out we are doing it all over again, project due date Jan. 4th 2013.  A male version this time.

My wife commented months ago, “When I feel down, I see baby boo and I feel joy.”  ‘Nuff said.]

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