A Frail Christmas

candy cane cookies, up close. chotda via Compfight


War- (noun) A state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.


You must have lost understanding
Of the meaning of the word.
An ounce of research
Thirty seconds of searching
But no.
Thousands of years of blood, death, and horror
Reduced to sensationalize your agenda.
A stroke of ego
To nurture conformity.
The love child of religion, politics, and industrialization.


A war
An actual war on Christmas?
No one is taking up arms to attack a holiday.
Candy canes aren’t stockpiled to use as weaponry.
There isn’t a draft or palpable conflict.
A proprietor of business exclaims
“Happy Holidays”
Versus a declaration of my belief set
So that means war?

Do our beliefs cause us to insist people who don’t share our world view
Or do we engage in love and exchange pride for personal connection
Hubris for humanity
Lay down our offense so as not to offend someone else.
Or do we continue to promote this idea
Of a frail navidad?


[Poem #247]





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