A Guild Called Hope

Spitting that hot fire of poetry with my man Christopher James

A medieval association of craftsmen or artisans, often having considerable power;
An community of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.


Welcome! My goal is for us to connect and grow in community.

Our call to action and why I started using this platform is:

-To look within to love ourselves free from our internal limits.

-To challenge the status quo of religion by recreating our lives to have hope, to have faith, and to have love for ourselves while loving other people.

-To hold onto our individual beliefs yet respect the beliefs of others, talk about it and not argue.  Bonus points in doing this while helping to meet a need in our world.

-To express the art and creativity inside all of us.  You are creative.  For real.  It’s all about connecting to it and releasing it into the world.

So to summarize: having better relationships with God, ourselves, and other people.  I’m taking steps in my own life to do this, and invite you to join me.

As a part of A Guild Called Hope, you will receive updates and various offerings via e-mail.  I only like spam with eggs and cheese (my breakfast of choice back in the day), so I won’t harass you or sell your info.

I update the blog every Sunday and Thursday.

Transparency Report the 5th of every month.

Kidney Transplant Update the 20th of every month.

You can contact me by email.
Let’s chat on facebook.
Or tweet it up  @jermainelane

May peace be with you, may peace be multiplied.


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