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So after quite a bit of soul-searching and thought, I’m focusing the direction of this blog.

In thinking about it, my biggest challenges have been: hope, faith, and loving people.  So I’m going to write about that and focus on those concepts.  There is so much pain and hurt in the world, my desire has been to do something about it.  To do good in the world and be a better person.

So the best way I know to do that is to write.  Write about my struggles with hope, with faith, with loving people.  Write about how I have gotten some things right and how I’ve messed things up along the way.  I can write and pay my attention to things good or bad happening in our community and our world.

The challenge is to do this in an authentic, honest way.  To connect with you by telling my story.

This is going to be hard for me due to my tendency to “not go there and put up pretense.”  So I’m excited to be uncomfortable and jump into the unknown and see where it takes me.  I’m even more excited if you follow along, how spankin awesome is that!

I think hope, faith, and love resonates with all people, regardless of any sort of religious or non-religious affiliation.  In writing about how I’ve danced with these three concepts in my life, the context will be from my own beliefs.  But that is just it, what I believe.  That may be different from what you believe, and that is completely okay.  I firmly believe that I can feel how I feel and you can feel how you feel and we can respect our personal beliefs.

There is so much arguing, debate, criticism, judgement, condemnation, rhetoric, “you have to believe how I believe” crap going on in the world.  And in the meantime, people are hurting, feeling hopeless, unloved, sick, broken, etc.  and it makes me so angry, so I write to do something about it.  And to write about my own hurt and sickness and pain.

A life unrestricted.  My desire to break free from all the internal junk inside me.  To silence all the noise and hear the heartbeat of hope, faith, and love for everyone.  To connect to these things so much bigger than us.  To tell a great story with my life, esp. after getting my kidney transplant fall of 2010.

Thanks for stopping by and much, much more to come…


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  • “I firmly believe that I can feel how I feel and you can feel how you feel and we can respect our personal beliefs.”
    I firmly believe that too!! I am excited about the direction of your blog and your life! 🙂

  • What’s up Sarah. I’m working on respecting beliefs and it is stretching, but so worth it. Everyone wants to be treated with dignity, how things ought to be. Thanks for the comment!

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