A Most Dangerous Weapon



A ring forged.

No alpha or omega

Before I was married.

My love was likened

Unto a flash of light

Shining through the darkness

Showering all with love’s comforting heat.


My love grew stronger with every heartbeat.

BaDum.  BaDum. BaDum.

Living life in 4/4 time.

Now, with this ring I thee…


My love, focused like a laser.

Connected to another ring, it’s familiar.

Together waging war against princes of chaos

Ego. Criticism. Complaint. Insecurity. Revenge. Fear.

A love which lifts us higher and higher

30,000ft. to give a proper perspective.

To know I am not your problem

And you are not mine.


Our rings connect, activating

A form of forgiveness.

A form of vulnerability.

A world has never seen.

Oh, oh how dangerous

The unfettered, resplendent glory

Of love.


My left index finger glows

To reflect the source

To reflect a commitment eternal

When passion fades.

A beacon.


‘Til death do us part.

Beware love’s power.



[Poem #223.  Photo by Dave Weadon Photography]


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