A Name In The Crowd

Mankind Éole Wind via Compfight


Do we know their names?

Or is the quest for numbers, for metrics

All there is?

Context fighitng for the light of day.

A name, yes my name

Caring to know it, remembering it

I’ll fight for you forever.


100, no 1,000, no 10,000, no 100,000, no

When will it be enough?

Page views or church members, or customers, or followers

Spiders, small in stature, are found in the king’s palace.

Most families are under 7 people.  Anything more is on the fringes.

What if we dove further into the small, into making the emotional connection

Verses the faceless numbers.

That which is immeasurable is where the war is won

And impossibility blurs.


[Poem #198]

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