A Special Dedication

One year ago today, my kidney donor passed away.  He was 17 years young and passed away unexpectedly.  I did not know him, and I still do not know his family.  I’ve debated making contact: should I or leave it alone or give it time, etc.  But today is his day.  I don’t know his name and he probably checked the organ donor box when he received his driver’s license.  Maybe he thought it through, maybe he checked it thinking it was no big deal.  I’ll never know.

What I do know is the incredible gift he gave me.  What I know is he passed on something he could have easily, easily took with him into the ground.  I…

There is much more to say, I’ll address it tomorrow in my monthly transplant update.  I dedicate this song to my kidney donor.  I write, yet I don’t have the words.  May God be with your family today, as they mourn the anniversary of your passing.  You have allowed me to truly have hope in this wonderful world.

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