About Jermaine Lane

Hi, I’m Jermaine Lane, and thanks for stopping by.  I’ll share a little bit about myself, so we won’t be strangers.  Who doesn’t like lists right?

-I was born November 18, 1976 in Baltimore, Md

-I was raised by my Mother and my Great-Grandmother at various times from birth until age 17.

-Became a Christ follower September 8, 1991

-Got my first job at age 14, I’ve been working ever since.

-Started college fall 1994

-Attempted suicide February 5, 1996 (writing saved my life.  Seriously. I’ll talk about it soon).

-I flunked out of college May 1996.

-started working in the mental health industry in 2002, which I still work in today.

-I went back to school fall of 2002, dropped out of college and moved back home to Halifax, Va to care for my Great-Grandmother a.k.a. G.G in Nov. 2003

-I moved back to my college town of Fredericksburg, VA fall of 2005.

-Fell very ill January 11, 2006.

-February 13, 2006 I was diagnosed with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclorosis, a chronic kidney disease of which there is no cure.

-Began dialysis March 8, 2007.  Started Hemodialysis May 2007. I did Hemo 4 hours a session, 3 days a week.

-Began Peritoneal Dialysis August 14, 2008.  I did Peritoneal 4 times a day, every 4 to 6 hours, everyday, 30 minutes a session.

-I  married an incredible and supportive woman.  My ease, my boo Stephanie on May 7, 2010

-I received a kidney transplant September 20, 2010

My life is a culmination of all those things.  Maybe I’m being a bit too personal, but life’s too fulfilling and wonderful to be disconnected and wrapped up in myself.   So come along, my new friend, let’s go make things better.

[photo taken by Dave Weadon of Weadon Photography]