Transplant Update: An Ambulance Ride For Two

I’ve decided that the 20th of every month to write an update about my kidney transplant.  Today marks the fourth month.

Last week, my wife and I both were in the Emergency Room with a nasty stomach virus.  We were both severely dehydrated and were given IV fluids to compensate.

Due to my dehyrdration, my creatinine level was up to 2.  My baseline since transplant has been from 1.4-1.6.  [Before transplant, my creatinine level was between 18-21.  Normal creatinine levels are between 0.5-1.2]  Also, my white blood count was elevated.  Which meant that not only were my white blood cells attacking the stomach virus, but also they could attack Kidd Rokkney (what I call my new kidney).

Then there was also the BK Virus we found out about earlier in the month.  So needless to say, there was much concern for me and Kidd Rokkney’s health.  I was concerned as well, but I had to determine within that everything was going to be okay.  I took some deep breaths, closed my eyes, and came to grips with everything emotionally.  The hard part was over.

I went back to transplant this week, blood work was done, and the result was my creatinine level dropped from 2 to 1.2.  Can I get a what what!

Still waiting for results about the BK, but for now, I’m going to keep drinking lots of water and try not to think about the BK too often.

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