Bad Poetry

Yay Boo
Photo Credit: Mike Licht via Compfight


There is a lot of bad poetry out there.
She said, as my blood began to burn.

Thank God for bad poetry.
For people who put themselves out there.
For people who risk criticism
And then do it all over again.

The world needs more bad poetry.
More bad songs, bad blog posts, bad comedians.
More people who dare to step into their creativity
To put it in front of people, to share with the world.
Nobody’s first effort is their greatest.
It takes a lot of drafts, a lot of doing it over and over again.
Then over and over until..

The greatest novel ever written rests in a box
Collecting dust in a basement.
It’s author, thinking it “sucks” buried it into time.
The greatest poem ever written
The poem that would unite the people and bring change
Is in a notebook never to see the light of day.
Because, you know, someone said it was bad.

I encourage you, creators and dreamers
Keep producing your art, keep publishing your craft.
Don’t let people’s perceptions deny you your birthright.
Let people see your work
Perfection is another word for safe/comfort/hiding.
Keep going, keep going
I believe in you.



[Poem #120.]

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