Beautiful Valkyrie

ready to run Rachel Patterson via Compfight


She rides through life so tumultuous
Commanding respect from fair maidens and women alike.

Elegantly dangerous.
Approachable by the weary and the wounded.
She draws her sword, fighting for her family, her creativity, her faith.
She draws a bath for her self-care, for rest.

A thunderclap, lightening falls
Like tears from God’s eyes.
The Valkyrie falls, wounded
The earth quivers as she summons the strength
To stand.
To teach her children to stand
In the middle of the pain
As she allows herself to receive help
To stand.

Her beauty
Rises from the ashes of the past.
A warrior woman
Piercing the darkness with her light.

Grace is the roar of her fiery breath
As she storms the gates of Hel
As my beautiful valkyrie.



[Poem #211.  Context: I spent the night last night with my wife and baby girl in the E.R.  My wife had to have an emergency procedure done.  She was..inspiring in how she handled the situation.  She inspires me in all she does. Love you babe!]


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