Blood In The Water

Папарацци Fedir “Feodor” Rykhtik via Compfight


A feeding frenzy.

A drop of blood in the culture.

Attack of the critics.

The moral high ground taken

By the masses.


The victim of the hour

Frozen like a chumsicle

Spectators watch from our multiple screens

As they are torn asunder.


Wounded people wound people.

Empathy lost.

Humanity the true victim.


[Poem #206.  Context:  I worked a 10 hour overnight shift, getting off at 7am this morning.  My brain is…jello.  It’s Shark Week this week, watching episodes of past Shark Weeks with my wife on Netflix.  I read a lot last night about celebrities/athletes exhibiting poor decision making skills this past weekend.  Great for gossip, but what of the people involved?  How often do I do the same?

The parallels from the culture and how sharks react to the wounded are astounding. Also, I wanted to use the word chumsicle in a poem.]


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