Can You Go One Day Without Shoes?

I became aware of this recently, and it has resonated with me. If you are unfamiliar with Toms shoes, the model is for every pair of shoes you buy, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need.

Every year they sponsor a One Day Without Shoes event to raise awareness to the fact that so many children across the globe do not have the basic necessity of a pair of shoes. This promo video does a better job of explaining it:

It really bothered me that kids don’t have shoes. Shoes. Something so simple, something I take for granted every day. Something that would literally change their life. A pair of shoes.

The same goes for clean water, food, housing…the list goes on. And I’m determined to do something to help make things better. To go and do some good.

So I’m posting this so you can go spread the word and participate. I thought about taking the day off work to go out and spread awareness barefooted. But that would be a easy way to do something uncomfortable. The hard way for me to do this is to go barefooted to my job, work my 10 hours, and spread awareness that way. There is a dress code with the agency I work for and shoes are required. So I’m going to check with my supervisor beforehand, maybe it could spread throughout the agency, who knows?  If you can’t due to work reasons or something else, you can go virtually without shoes.

So I challenge you, my reader friend, to do this with me. I’ll write about my experience with this the Saturday after, April 9th. If you participate, write in and share your experiences in the comment section on that day. Let’s go one day, no shoes. Will you do this beautifully uncomfortable challenge?

(this challenge leads up to The 1,000 Day Challenge on April 7. More on that later.  The song in the video is “One Day” by Matisyahu)

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