My Monthly Transparency Report

November 2011

November was an interesting month.  I started and finished a project here on the website:  Poemvember.  30 days, 30 poems.  I learned a lot in the process, which has given me ideas for more projects to come. Things in the House of Lane have been well.  We discovered the medicine our baby was taking was […]

October 2011

  Fatherhood. An awareness of one’s frailty and mortality All swaddled in a tiny package. Which looks a little bit like you Well, she does have your forehead. Long nights. Sleep becomes a memory.* Like remember that one time When we slept for 6 hours That was amazing. Uncertainty. I don’t know if I’m made […]


  August and September was,  in effect, a whirlwind of emotions.  Cadence (our new baby girl) was in Camp NICU (the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for two weeks when they told us she could come home. However, the night before she was to be discharged, she had an apnea episode where she stopped breathing and […]

July 2011

[The 5th of every month, I give a monthly transparency report.] July was…interesting.  Top bullet points: We saw Dr. Labor Day again.  Stephanie has multiple kidney stones and he recommended checking the baby’s lungs at 37 weeks.  If the lungs were strong, then he recommended inducing labor, C-section, and dealing with the kidney stones once […]

June 2011

  [The 5th of every month I give a monthly transparency report of how I’m doing personally.] June was spent going to several doctors concerning the health of Mahna Mahna (the in utero nickname for our daughter debuting this fall), my wife Stephanie, and myself. On June 1st, Stephanie and I went to see her […]

May 2011

The cliffhanger from last month was the condition of “Mahna Mahna” Lane a.k.a, our baby girl, premiering this fall.  In April, when we saw our perinatologist, Dr. Labor Day (for those of you who are new, his last name is a major holiday, so I dubbed him Dr. Labor Day for privacy purposes), he gave […]

April 2011

[The 5th of every month, I give a transparency report of how I’m doing.  This is where I tend to get very personal.] April was a month of hope.  The month started with my wife and I in the Emergency Room.  We are expecting our first child and there were some…complications.  After the initial tests […]

March 2011

March was quite interesting.  I still find myself doing more research/reading about writing and blogging than actually writing.  As much as I want to think that doing research and reading and taking notes will help (it will), nothing will help more than sitting down and writing. I’m still trying to aim this website to be […]

February 2011

So what happened in February 2011? I launched this website, sharing my thoughts with the world. For most of the month, I did research on: how to make your blog better, how to monetize your blog, how to drive traffic to your website, etc. Downloaded and read so many manifestos and PDF’s and read how […]