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“Words … are little houses, each with its cellar and garret.  To go upstairs in the word house is to withdraw step by step; while to go down to the cellar is to dream, it is losing oneself in the distant corridors of an obscure etymology, looking for treasures that cannot be found in words. To mount and descend in the words themselves—this is a poet’s life. To mount too high or descend too low is allowed in the case of poets, who bring earth and sky together.”- Gaston Bachelard

Hi, this is where all my posts/stories are stored.  Admission is free, so feel free to grab a snack and a drink, have a seat, and look around.

Posts about all of us living together in this wacky wonderful world is stored under community

Posts about this funny thing called life is under…wait for it…life!

Posts about spirituality, faith, and other rantings, are brewed as spirituality on tap

Posts about my adventures with kidney disease and my wonderful third kidney are filed under Mr. 3kidneys/Health.  (I started calling myself Mr. 3kidneys when I was in the hospital after my kidney transplant.  Being hopped up on anesthesia and high levels of pain medication does interesting things to you…)

What’s that you say? You say you want some Poetry?

Every month, I get brutally honest with you and myself.  These are kept under My Monthly Transparency Report.

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