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Day One Hundred Forty


A question was posed to me
What is the difference between dating someone
And just being friends?
I’ve thought about it quite a bit.
What is the difference?
Is it the label separating the two?
I’ve gone out to dinner and a movie with a friend.
I’ve gone out to dinner and a movie with a girlfriend.
Same action, but is it the label which makes the difference?

What is the ocean that separates the friendship from the relationship?
There is the common phrase: we are more than friends.
Can an daffodil be more than a daffodil?
Or the moon more than the moon?
More than friends…something added?
Just friends…something subtracted?
Is it the intangible something we all search for
The inspiration for psalms and poems and status changes.
The variable which adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divides
Our very soul.
Is that what causes the           between friends and “we’re serious”?

It was simpler when we were kids.
If I liked a girl, I would punch her in the arm and make fun of her.
Obviously, I was madly in love with her.
Or I would ask her to check the yes box or no box
To see if she like liked me.

And we would never kiss
Because, lets be honest, girls have cooties.
(Some still do.)
And boys are known to stink.
(Thank God for deodorant.)
It was simple. Easy. No drama or deep talks.
As the rhyme goes:
First you have to climb up a tree with someone
Then you start k-i-s-s-i-n-g
Then comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes ________ with a baby carriage.

A simple map, apparently, for relationships, marriage, and child rearing.
However, when was the last time you or I climbed a tree
Much less with someone else.
Maybe instead of trying to make it easy or risk splinters
We enjoy the moment and learn from the process?


[Poem #22 of 30.  Image by Dustin Diaz via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]
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