Coping With Being By Yourself

(I wrote this earlier this year.  I think it may be relevant to repost this during this time of year.  I spent Christmas by myself in 1999, and I know many, many people may find themselves doing the same thing.  It might be you, and I hear you.  Sure, it’s rough, but there is hope.  Being by yourself is not the end of days.  There is so much value within you, I say take time to get to know you.  Also, hot chocolate helps 🙂

How do you cope with by being by yourself?  By being alone, you are actively giving yourself permission to be by yourself.

While alone, you can:

  • think
  • relax
  • recharge
  • focus
  • be still in the quiet
  • be creative
  • be your amazing self

along with a whole host of other beneficial outcomes.

You are remarkable!  You can be fulfilled by yourself without “having” to be with people.  You can go on vacation by yourself and have the time of your life.  You can go out to eat by yourself and possibly be the envy of someone lamenting their current dining conversation.  I’ve personally eaten at restaurants and watched more movies in a theater by myself than I have with people.  I got my popcorn, I got my drink, good times await.

You can embrace being by yourself and collect wonderful memories and experiences just like you can with being with other people.  Your value and worth is inherently within you and is not dependent upon social proximity.  If you choose to be with other people, that is great.  If you choose not to, that is great.

What I’m saying is, you don’t necessarily have to be with other people.  Getting to know yourself is a great way to cope when you find yourself alone.  Who knows, you may discover a new insight about yourself you wouldn’t have figured out otherwise.

What do you think?  How do you cope with being by yourself?

In the following, the poem is written and performed by Tanya Davis, the video is by filmmaker Andrea Dorfman.



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