Daydreams Of A Knight In Shining Denim

Ghost RiderCreative Commons License Hartwig HKD via Compfight


If you were stuck on an island in the Pacific
I would build a raft and fight smoke monsters to help you.
If you were trapped in a spaceship
I would build a giant catapult, hold my breath
And pray through ozone to get to you.
If you were bitten by a zombie horde
I would find the cure, but if there wasn’t one
I’d let you bite me, and we can chase down all these living fools.
(Especially the cashier who was checking you out that one time in Wal-Mart.
I’ve been waiting to throw down with this idiot.)

If you ran for the POTUS
I would be your chief evangelist and defender.
If you ran a marathon
I’d be there with a smile, water and deodorant.
If there were a meteor the size of China
Hurtling towards the Earth
I’d spend my last few minutes
Naming all the things I love about you.

I think I could do it all.
I’d figure out how to love all of you.
Fight through my fear and insecurities
To fight for the privilege and honor
Of loving you.


[Poem #138]

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