Declaration of Honesty


We lie about our freedom
To preserve our facade of honesty.
Black, white, poor, rich, liberal, conservative, Marvel, DC,
We all do it.
We are all honest…to a point.
We “don’t know how the other person will respond.”
We “don’t want to hurt the other person.”
We “don’t want to be the villian.”
We “don’t want to lay all our cards on the table.”
We “are scared they won’t feel the same about us.”

Is this then our new
Declaration of Honesty?
“We hold these truths to be self-evident,
That all people will hold back the truth,
When convenient.”
“When in the course of human events, a man won’t tell a woman how he feels about her,
And vice-versa.”
“We the people of the human race,
In order to form more fictional relationships,
Establish walls,
Hold people at arms length,
And will do whatever it takes
Not to get hurt.”

If I like a woman
I mean “like like” a woman
Why can’t I just come out and tell her?
If she doesn’t reciprocate,
She doesn’t have to.
Yet we are contestants in the “game”
We stutter and circumlocute around  our heart’s congress.
All the while declaring our honesty…

I wrote this poem way back in the day.  I was thinking about relationships at the time, esp. my own quest.  I haven’t mastered this yet, but I’m working on it.

[photo by Techhie]

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