Elephant Vice Tribute Poem Redux

The Sophistication of Mr. Lamp-shade


If only I had an upside down lampshade, upside down lampshade…


If you ever back to the time of my had structured.

Such blueness the reminds one of a flowness, perhaps round.

Five tangents of fury went baked and truck your soup in spoiled spilling?

Water pens to be untrusted by the Mayor of Selfish.

Why did Chris’ string break?  Why???

And the worst part about it is,

I’m made out of free bendy straws.


If only, for the love of the Almighty, I had an upside down lampshade, upside down lampshade…


Have your children got corn?

This is yes, and the ON is hungry.

Unplug the sofa and call it Matthew.

So The Astonishing Duck has a dot com?


Please, I beg of you, someone purchase an upside down lampshade, upside down lampshade…


I vacationed at my timeshare in the Islands of Langerhans.

Your left ear has a stunning intellect.

To learn much, the ways of ants.

To scratch the sun and call casserole united.

Will that the end of November


Or should applesauce say



[Poem #23. A little backstory:  Back in the day a group of us from college went to Augusta, Ga to help with a Habitat for Humanity project.  It was a week long trip and we took that Thursday off to check out beautiful Augusta.  We came across an amphitheater with a group of guys performing.  We sat down and soon realized we were in the presence of Elephant Vice. They were a most eclectic band with kazoos and makeshift instruments galore.  They asked for volunteers from the crowd, so myself and a friend of mine ran up there and joined the chorale.  I don’t remember the songs, the lyrics were…different.  But I do remember the chorus to one of the songs were “I need an upside down lampshade, upside down lampshade.”  So to you, Elephant Vice, this poem is tribute to an adventure well spent.  Image by Derrick T via Compfight and a Creative Commons License.]


ps.  We were at a gig when Chris’ guitar string broke.  The circumstances surrounding the incident remain a mystery to this day.

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