Ever Feel Caught In A Box?

The Man In The BoxM

How can a man become his own grandfather?  There is the complicated answer and the simple answer.


Well,  let’s say I married an older woman who has a older daughter.  Then my father marries my wife’s daughter (also my step-daughter).  Now my step-daughter is also my step-mother because she married my father.  But since my father is my step-daughter’s husband, he is now my stepson-in-law.  My wife, being the mother of my step-mother (who is also my step-daughter) now becomes my step-grandmother.  Since I am married to my wife who is also my step-grandmother, I have become my own grandfather.


I marry an older woman who has an older daughter who marries my father.

Sometimes we give a complicated answer when a simple one will do.  I tend to do that, esp. when I want to appear smarter.  What if we gave simple solutions instead of complex ones?  What if we just said, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out and get back with you” instead of a 10 minute dissertation. What if we set aside our pride and spoke from the heart?  Esp. on heavy topics like faith or relationships.

It seems like the simple answer appears ridiculous due to it’s simplicity.  But the truth is always simple. The longer and more complicated the answer is, the less credibility it conveys.  And it feels like we are put in a box, while the other person has the key.

lies, complicated answers, pride, expectations, shoulds, judgments=boxes and cages

simple answers, truth, humility=keys and freedom

What if we gave out keys instead of putting people in boxes? What do you think?


Bonus:  I grew up in rural Virginia and loved this song as a kid.  It goes more in depth about this self-grandpa business.  Enjoy!

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