My mother told me once
She told me people would never understand me.
It’s not surprising I feel like I don’t fit in with some people.
She said I am an eagle
Surrounded by chickens.
I paused
She continued.


“There are two types of people in this world.
Eagles and chickens.
You are an eagle; you spread your wings and fly to the highest heights.
Seeing things no one else sees.
Chickens are grounded.  They will never truly fly.
Their wings can not generate enough lift.
Their brains are not developed for soaring.
They have difficulty seeing the wonders you see.
Feeling the heartbeats you feel
Or even comprehending your meek nature.
So, they attempt to drag you to their level.
They laugh at you.
They bully you.
They spew libel and slander all over you, for they are jealous of your splendor.”


As I’ve matured, I finally understand what she meant.
Her words gave clarity to the internal struggle within my soul.
Her words, like a mirror, showing me what I had become
An eagle, masquerading as a chicken.
Letting the resistance win and becoming assimilated.

However, I am starting to become allergic to chicken feathers.
It is time for my true coat to shine.
For its been far too long since I have flown.

Perhaps the saddest thing, is so many people
Only know me in my chicken costume.
So, they may think I am trying to be somebody else.
As I am only being me.

So let us choose
You and I together
For the son or daughter of an eagle
Can and must spread their wings


[Poem #9 of 30.  Image by jox via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]
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