Can't Fail Cafe


It crept upon me.

What if I can’t do it?

What if I let them down?

What if I…


Shift focus like a manual transmission

And manually transmit all my energy

To you.

If you are cared for, loved, inspired.

If I’ve done all I can to create a happier space.

If I’ve given my gifts, my art, my heart

To restoring how it ought to be.

How it ought to be safe for children to play in their own front yard.

How their ought to be beauty in our  communities.

How did sarcasm and defense become our automatic mindset

It ought not to be, we weren’t born that way.


If I’ve done all I can, if I fall and get back up

If I defy comfort and throw myself into the unknown of love.

If I’ve learned and continue to learn and give.

Have I  failed?

Or is succeeding the true fear?



[Poem #39.  Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]


[Author’s Postscript:  Thomas Hawk is a digital photographer who has embarked on a most interesting adventure: take, process, and finish one million photographs before he dies.  If you love photography or are interested in the art, check him out here and take a look at his photographs here (also remarkable, the majority of his photographs are free to view, share, etc!)]

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