Fear Is Not Your True Enemy

Time to sleep again!

[Today’s story is inspired by the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  I have read it twice since I purchased it in May.  I highly recommend this book.]

We spend so much time waging war against fear, when there is a greater threat waiting to devour us.  Courage helps us deal with the fear, but it isn’t effective against the real enemy.

Warn The Town, The Beast Is Loose

Throughout the centuries, people have given names to it: Sauron, Voldemort, Old Scratch, Beelzebub, Mephistopheles, resistance, a devil, etc.

It is in every culture, every part of the world.  I call it The Lion.  It comes to destroy us.  To rob us of our dreams, of what we were born to be.  It convinces us to go with the flow, to do what we are expected to do.

It loves procrastination and pride; it celebrates when we fight and destroy ourselves.  It rolls over in delight when we concentrate too much on fear and ignore it.  Or when we pretend it doesn’t exist.  Or focus so much on it that we become ineffective and culturally impotent.  The lion purrs as it sleeps, resting on a full meal of us.

There is no reasoning or bargaining with The Lion.  It wants to kill and feast.  The End.  There isn’t any amount of money that will satiate the beast.  It’s out for blood.  It wants us so focused on fear that we won’t see it coming.

There is but one solution.  Kill or be killed.  Chase it, confront it, and kill it dead.

All We Need Is…

I disagree with the adage “courage is the absence of fear.”  Courage helps us deal with the fear and remove it from the playing field.  However, once we overcome, tame the bucking bronco of fear, and remove it from the playing field, its absence leaves what we really need.


The Lion roars when we realize love is what we need.  The Lion bears his teeth, ego dripping from its fangs.  It knows it is going to die by our hands today.  It knows it will die with the double edge sword of love.

Love protects us and kills the beast.  Love for our family, our friends, our culture, our world, our dreams, our creativity- that love will kill The Lion all kinds of dead.

In every story, the hero or heroine overcomes not out of courage or bravery, but out of love.  They decide they love something more than their enemy wants to destroy them.

If I rolled up on an actual lion, yes I would need courage to deal with the fear.  Yet once that fear is dealt with, it’s just me and that bad boy.  I have to love living more than that lion loves eating.  And I’m not about to be poop.

Your Love, Your Love

Our love comes through our stories.  We each desire/need/have a taste of love.  The love intrinsic to us.  My love may look a little different from your love, but it’s love all the same.

We individually have to fight The Lion.  Our stories come through who we are, which defines our work.  This is how we kill The Lion.

[Of note:  our jobs are not our work.  Our work is what we produce that is infused with our unique selves, our individual stories, and our own love.  Our jobs are what we do to exchange time for money.  Our work we would produce for free, but getting paid is a welcomed bonus.  No one does their job for free.]

Each of us has our own unique work to produce.  Let us not go to our grave with our song still in our hearts like Thoreau observed.  Every single day, when we rise from our slumber, The Lion arises.  It knows exactly who we are and what wonderful creations live within us.  It knows it has to stop us, or else.  Every.  Single.  Day.

We can defeat the beast and win.  How will you do this today?


[photo by Tambako the Jaguar]
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