Fire For Hope


There’s a fire for hope
Burning like lightening across the night
Splitting the darkness, not giving up the fight.

There’s a fire for hope
Rising up from the ashes like a Phoenix
What once was dead now rebirthed with love.

There’s a fire for Earth
You can’t have Earth without art and he
He who blessed the Earth with she
He whose heart is the Earth.
He who dipped his words into the blackness of nothing
And drew the heavens and the Earth.

There’s a fire for hope
Written across the sky like a crossword puzzle.
N_VE_   EV_ R   E_E_   Giv_   UP!

There’s a fire for hope
For Asian and White
Baptist and Muslim
Biracial and Skeptic
For me when I feel like a Martian-American
An alien even though I’m made out of bones and skin.

Because there’s a fire for hope
For a child who now has shoes and glasses.
Because I bought a pair of shoes and glasses.
There’s hope for a mother of 3 who has clean water and a dream
Because I contributed instead of tithing to Saint Coffee and Saint Cream.

We are the come true of a wish and a prayer
Of a dream and a new life awaiting
We are the hope in an old man’s dreams
We are the vision in a young boy’s eyes
We who answered a call for arms
Arms for loving, for healing, for giving.

There’s a fire for hope, like lightening
To create dreams into homes
Homes for our communities
Homes for our hearts.

‘Cause a heart, is a house for love
And I’ve learned
That it don’t take much to break.

There’s a fire for your heart and mine
For the weird, for the ignored
For the hurting, for the joyful, for you and me.

There’s a hope for this thing that I thought would be the death of me
How it became the very thing that delivered me.

This thing I thought would be the death of me.
Ended up being the very thing that delivered me.

There’s a fire for hope
Shushing the silence
To make some noise
To start the beginning of the end
The end of despair, the end of fear, the end of lonliness
This is the start.
Of a fire.
For the hope in all of us.

Shall we let our fire shine?


[Bonus Poem #31 of 30.  Image by Richard Green.]
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