Fire With Fire

Flamethrower Passive Man via Compfight


Hurt me once

I’ll write a scathing blog post stating how wrong you are

My tribe to back me up.

Hurt me twice

Well, it only substantiates my point, more flames to flame. 


Why do we do this?

We cherry pick scripture to support our personal opinions.

To show how not religious we are.

Or we showcase the mistakes and failures of the other political party

To prove how right our side is.

Same, we mock and fight the other team

Tribe Assemble, let’s get these $%#@&

Gas money home now used for bail money.


We use scripture, rhetoric, sports stats

To validate our belief system.

Which is based on our own insecurities/fallacies/wounds.

The argument > The person.

In the name of what?

God?  Government?  The Championship?

Tribal warfare at it’s finest. 

Then, we ask outsiders to

Join us!  You too can be a part of the firefight!


If your house was on fire

It would seem odd, if not ridiculous

For the firefighters to arrive with a flamethrower.

We know there is a better way.

We choose.


[Poem #159]

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