Fix You

Abigail Williams seduces John Proctor in The Crucible drurydrama (Len Radin) via Compfight


Walk with me.

Be with me.

I need your acceptance

More than your understanding.


Laugh with me.

Cry with me.

I need to be quiet

More than I need to speak right now.


Let me thrash, let me curse the night sky.

I need to scream

More than I need your diagnosis right now.


Love me for what is incomplete.

Care for what is broken inside.

Do not ever, ever try

To fix me.


[I”m learning this more and more.  Instead of trying to “fix someone” or “give unsolicited advice” or point out what is “wrong” with someone so they can “see their mistakes” and “be better” AND thank us (like that every happened in the history of spankin’ history)…

We can walk with them, tell them we are here in the fire and mess with them, and be there.]



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