Going Deeper: Which Wolf Will You Let Win?

Fighting wolves

There once was an old man, sitting by a fire.  He was in such deep thought he did not see his grandson approaching.  His grandson, staring up in concern, asked what was troubling him.  The old man poked at the fire with a stick and said:

“There is a war being fought inside of me.  The war is not being fought by men, but by two wolves.  One wolf is filled with fear, the other with love. ”

The grandson looked lovingly at his grandfather and asked, “Which wolf will win the war?”

The old man simply said, “The one I feed more.”

I wrote this story based on a Cherokee legend about The Two Wolves.  There are several variations, but the point is the same.  We choose which wolf will win.  We.  Choose.

We can’t blame other people.  We choose. Maybe your two wolves are debt and financial freedom, or self-doubt and self-confidence, or depression and gratitude, or hurt and forgiveness.  Whatever the wolves may be, we feed them by our thoughts, our words and our actions.

Which wolf will you feed more today?


[photo by Tambako the Jaguar]


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