Have You Ever Been Peed On?

I’m not talking about those funny, yet endearing, incidents when you’re changing a newborn and you don’t move fast enough. That is pretty gross, but it’s a baby—even when they’re peeing on you they’re cute.

(I wish I had that ability. Not that I want to go around peeing on people. But the ability to do something dumb and still have people find you adorable could prove highly valuable.)


Back to the peeing . . .


I was in high school when my mom dragged me to visit my uncle. He lived in a mobile home with a huge dog. If you know me, you know that I have a hate-hate relationship with pets. This dog was huge, and the mobile home was small.

There was nowhere for me to escape this hairy beast and he knew it. He kept brushing up against me, getting his long, gray hair all over my wool coat. Then he tried to climb in my lap. This dog was bigger than I was—definitely not in the lap dog classification. I tried to ignore him. I tried to push him away. I tried giving him my most intimidating stare. Nothing worked.

Finally the dog tired of toying with me. He wanted to mark his territory—and apparently I was it. He reared up and put his front paws on my knees, and then he let loose. It. Was. Disgusting.

I was soaked, my coat was soaked, the couch was soaked. And for some unfathomable reason, my mom couldn’t understand why I wanted to go home immediately. I stood there as she finished her visit and was offered a dish towel—like that was going to help. I was stranded—miserable, disgusted, and covered in dog pee.

Sometimes life is like that—you’re just sittin’ there chillin’ and a big, hairy beast comes along and pees all over you. Have you ever felt like that? Like no matter what you do, how hard you try, how persistently you follow your dreams, there is always someone or something ready to knock you down?

I’ve been peed on a lot . . . metaphorically I mean. Whether at work or home, with friends or family—there are many times when life has just lifted its leg and let loose. And there are times when it’s been tempting to give up, to back down, to walk away from dreams or relationships.

So how do I hold on? Better yet, why do I hold on? Because some causes are worth fighting for. Some dreams are worth holding on to. Some relationships are worth sacrificing for. Some things are worth a little urine.

It takes a bold person to stand there soaked in urine and refuse to give up. Be bold.




Amanda is a practical idealist. She is a creative communicator – a writer, poet, actor, artist, theologian and pastor. A woman in her thirties who has never been married and is honestly content with being single. A world traveler who’s been to fourteen countries and lived in three. She embraces her addiction to books and Starbucks. She doesn’t fit into any of those nice little white boxes our culture has created, and hopes she never does. You can follow her blog, Murphy’s Law Translated.

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