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Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2013 is full of great and wonderful things for you.

Wow, 2013.  The future is here.  And yet, still no flying cars or robot maids or teleportation machines.  Well, the year did just start so…


Resolutions vs. Stories

I have the privilege of reading through Storyline 2.0, Donald Miller’s amazing new book.  In it, Don writes about the idea of crafting our lives into a story.  He writes that the simple formula for all stories is this:

A character who wants something and overcomes conflict to get it.

A lot of people tend to make resolutions about what they want to do for the year.  I think that is great and if you’ve done so, keep going!  I’m attempting something new this year: instead of creating resolutions or goals, I want to craft stories.  I personally think it will be more interesting and Lord knows I love a good story.

For example, The Marine Corps Annual Half-Marathon is May 19th.  So to follow the formula:

I (the character) want to finish the race and will train to run 13.1 spankin’ miles (overcoming the conflict) to get victory, self-pride, product endorsement deal?  Cough cough Nike cough cough.

There are several things I would like to accomplish this year and I will keep you updated on the stories I craft.


Hide and Speak

In 2012 and other moments in my life, I would hide.  Hide behind doing research, hide behind my introverted reputation, hide behind other people’s expectations, etc.

I’ve thought quite a bit about this phenomenon.  Why hide?  Why keep my opinions, feelings, and creativity to myself?

Perhaps you feel the same?  There are several reasons why we do this, and I’ve thought for a while why I prefer hiding.

This year, I’m determined to make the difficult change.  I’m 36 now, good and grown.  Living behind fear and expectations only leave me demoralized and feeling less than.  So to craft my desire into a story:

I want to be vulnerable in all areas of my life and will overcome conflict (fear, past wounds, people’s opinions) to get it.


Initiate Vulnerability

To help remember , I’m using the phrase “initiate vulnerability” as my mantra for the year.  I like the word vulnerable; it rallies against hiding, against fear, and dares you to be open and risk everything.

Vulnerability leads us to truth, which in turn, sets us free.  What word or phrase will you use this year?


I pray you all are safe and may peace be with you, may peace be multiplied.


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