How To Change Your Past

Future Past + Presence

Every day, we have the opportunity to affect our past.  Sure, we can’t change an action, but we can change the outcome of that action by our reaction to it. 

Maybe you have messed up.  Perhaps something messed up has happened to you.  Lord knows I’ve been on both sides of that coin.  Guess what my friend,  we can do something about it by creating better memories.

Today, right now, is a unique blending of ourselves and time.  The past, present, and future are happening right spankin’ now.   If you want to change something from your past, you can do it today. 

Personal example:  I misplaced my virginity before I was married.  (It’s interesting how the expression is “lost your virginity”.  Does that mean it can be found again?  But, that’s another riff for another day.) 

 For me personally, a lot of guilt, shame, remose, etc. followed suit.  I take responsiblity, I didn’t respect her or myself and caused the both of us a lot of unnecessary anguish.  

So what’s a guy to do?  I can’t travel back in time and unsex myself.  But as I traveled forward through time, I changed my reaction by deciding to actively pursue a life of wholeness and respect for myself and women. 

I decided I was through with all my internal emotional drama and I wanted to be healthy emotionally (check here every Sun. and Thurs. on how that is done).  Sure, somedays are better than others, but by reacting differently, my outcome is ever changing and different memories are created. 

No longer do I see myself as Jermaine the Disrespector, nor do I want you to see yourself as (insert past negative event/action here).  I see Jermaine, the guy striving for physical, emotional (relational) and spiritual well-being.  And my hope is for you to see yourself that way too.

How many stories have you heard of someone who came from poverty or tragedy to overcome and rise to triumph?  There is no reason that can’t be you or me.  Or maybe you already have and are helping others do the same.

No longer do we have to be defined or held captive by what we have done or what was done to us.  We have the ability to change our reactions and interrupt the expected outcome.  Esp. an action which happened a long time ago.  It’s not to late. 

Changing our reactions=a different outcome=different memories=different past, present, and possible future.  We can be remembered for something else and leave a great legacy.  Oh, what power you wield, my friend.  What power indeed.

The past is a memory, the future is a dream, both are fluid and live inside you right now.  Oh whatever shall you do with it?


(This post was inspired by Jack Canfield’s formula of Event+Response=Outcome and my continued theories about time travel.)

[photo by h.koppdelaney]


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