I Shall Love Me Free

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What of our human doing?

Those of us who reject thinking outside the box.
Those of us who create our own box
And live along its edges.

What of us, Ms. Politico?
What of us, Mr.  Status Quo?
Instead of creating jobs for us
Assist us as we create our own livelihood.
We don’t need you to give us a job
We need you to step aside so we can give art and shine.

And what of us?
We who spent thousands of dollars
To pick a career path when we were 20.
Who didn’t figure out who we were until 28.
But are drowning in debt from college
Trying to figure out how to escape from the cog factory
Indentured servants of the status quo
Desperate to do what we love.


What of our human being?

Wounded and scarred
From heartache, heartbreak and the It’s All About Me’s
Who found love in what seemed like the right places
A spankin’ tragedy
Disguised with smiles and  “I love you, but….”

What about us?
The odd, the awkward, the blissfully weird.
Those of us who don’t conform to changing the world
But do the harder task of changing ourselves.

We don’t fit into your expectations.
We don’t fit into your religion.

We who scream, “Love Me Free!”
But who is listening?

What about us?
Whose addictions make us
“Too much to deal with” or “Your pet project.”
What of us who are good people inside
Despite the labels your uncomfortableness uses to marginalize us.
While you sit addicted to judgment, gossip, conformity, materialism…

We who scream,
“Love Me Free!”
But who is listening? 


What about you?

They responded
As they told her to get back to work
And stop wasting company time.
As they told her to live her life based on their personal beliefs.
As they offered her more money and status to shut her up.

As she sat across from them, she said:

I shall love me free.
We are God’s poetry.
Our story is magnetic.
Our fire is hope.

As she stared into their eyes
As she listened to the boom boom of her tribe.
As she put

Pen to paper
Fingers to keyboard
Hand to her heart…




[Poem #15 of 30.  Image by rentmama via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]
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