I Truth You


Do you want the truth?  It is a universal desire burning in all of us.  Or do we want something more?

Consider the Sun.  The sun is always hot (I know, jaw dropping information right there, hang in there with me on this rabbit trail).  No matter your mood or what anyone tells you, the sun is/has/and will be hot.  This is irrefutable truth. 

A hot, sunny day is desirable when we are at the beach.  Or after a particularly brutal winter.  Yet, we hate a hot sunny day when we are stuck in gridlocked traffic on the interstate, the temperature is 104 degrees, the heat index is 512 degrees, and the A/C died 5 miles ago.  And it took 45 minutes to travel those 5 miles.

The temperature of the sun isn’t dependent on our opinions or mood or what other people have to say about it.  Yet, we argue truth, deny it, curse it, try and prove our truth is right and “their” truth is wrong, etc.  We go through all this drama, all the while searching for the truth.  Or are we?

Perhaps you and I are looking for our own belief systems to change.  Perhaps we are looking for a reason to believe.  I could tell you the truth all day long, but that doesn’t mean you will believe it.  Or handle it.

Perhaps we want truth and something else.  Truth is beautiful, but in and of itself, isn’t an action.  I want truth, but I need a reason to do something with it.  Before the truth becomes diluted with opinions.  I need a reason to believe.  I need something else, a chaser to wash that truth down and come alive.  I need the truth to be personal, perhaps you do too.  

The pursuit of what is true is a noble calling.  In our wooing of the truth, we might stumble upon something else.  Something to make it personal and change us.  A reason to care about other people and come alive.  

Besides, no one ever said, “I truth you.”



[photo by kelp1966]
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