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The first draft of this article was to be about how we are born winners and how each of us won The Great Conception Race.  I showed it to someone and  got constructive feedback.  The article was “over the top positive and could come across as a bit cheesy.” The person liked it overall, just advised me to be more “real”.   Which got me thinking:

Why Is Something Positive Considered “Cheesy” or “Corny”

I’ve been called that before, which I’m trying to figure out.  Why is being positive “corny” and being negative “keeping it real”?  I do get it, sometimes life is hard.  However, there are times life is good.  So why is staying positive and shining light in the dark discounted as valid feelings?

Too many times in my life, I’ve had such a negative view of myself, the culture I live in, the world as a whole.  I vividly remember sitting in the dark in middle school brooding and drawing pictures that seemed to bother my mom.  I have no idea why as an adult, but it’s what I did.  There were other times in my life I had very little hope about anything.

So the question is, when did I become jaded?  I remember hearing phrases like, “wait until you get in the real world” or “life is hard” or “you have to work hard so you can retire in your 60’s and enjoy your life”.  Why can’t I work hard and enjoy life now?

How Dare You Escape The Status Quo

If someone is smiling or being positive, it comes across as insincere or fake.  Negativity, it seems,  has become the norm and any deviation is considered not valid and must be sucked back into the maw.  The same seems to happen if someone quits their job to follow their dreams.  Who do they think they are?  They have to work for somebody else and stifle their dreams like the rest of us.  The nerve of some people.

So much negativity, in the world, in me.  I find myself having to make an effort to think positive.  My natural state is not a state of positivity.  Again, what’s up with that?  There aren’t classes that teach us how to be negative.  No one has written a book about how being negative can change the world for the better.  There isn’t a blog called, “The Negativity Project”.

What If We Changed The Game

I have found, the more I decide to be positive, the easier it becomes and there is less effort.  Deciding to be positive or have hope isn’t the hard part.  The hard part is every moment after that decision.  Every situation you are in, every person you meet, deciding to stay positive.

What if we changed things?  If enough of us went from being positive to staying positive, what if it caught on?  What if it spread like a hope epidemic?  What if this conversation was happening:

“Hey man, why are you smiling?”

“A friend of mine has hope, and I caught it from him.”

“Oh snap, you got hope too?  I caught it a few weeks ago and gave it to my girl.”

What if we decided to stay positive no matter what?  Esp. when times are tough.  Even more so when we just don’t feel like it.  We stayed positive.  What could happen:

-People would notice
-Perhaps it would catch on (who can measure the speed of smiles)
-There could be a half hour of news dedicated to the positive, hopeful things people are doing all around us everyday.
-The game could change

I’m going to keep my original post I wrote for today, I worked hard on it (esp. finding that awesome picture).  If you want to read it,  go here.

If you don’t want to read it, that’s cool too.  The choice is yours.  I will warn you if you do decide to read it, there is a lot of hope and goodness in that post.  Reader discretion is advised.


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  • I wouldn’t worry too much about it… Norman Vincent Peale made a fortune with positive thinking, which is not to praise his money, but to show that an awful lot of people really liked what he had to say, and believed that they benefited from his work… He had his critics, but somehow I don’t think they mattered that much.

  • Hey Theron,

    That’s what I’m talking about! People do connect with positivity, check out “Secret Millionaire”. Thanks for commenting and I’ll write about my health in the next transplant update. Thanks for asking.

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