Leaping Forward In Faith, Part 2

“There are two little kids out there who need a family!” my husband’s heart was broken as he spoke those words. I couldn’t walk away this time.

“I KNOW” I said.
It wasn’t about us anymore. It was about faith, hope and love.

I’m not sure which of those moved us to leap forward this time. But we knew it couldn’t be a small step- it had to be a giant leap… of faith, yes, but of action more than anything. So we prayed with broken hearts to our father for courage… to keep moving forward. That was 9 months ago. It takes the average international adoption 2-4 yrs to be complete. God has moved mountains for us—I think because we decided to leap and trust!

Our biological children have been ecstatic. They had only one request: that their new siblings both be younger than they. So we narrowed our search for siblings ages 3-10, a brother and a sister. Our biological children were 15 and 11 at the start of our adoption adventure.

In a few short months, two precious children from the Philippines will be welcomed with open arms into our family- one that’s far from perfect, but one filled with faith, hope and love.

A brother and a sister, ages 10 and 9, will soon make our family complete.

When our case worker visited the PI recently, she was only able to tell them that “There’s a Mommy and Daddy in Hawaii who really want to adopt you, but you have to be patient.”

The children both jumped up and began running to their cubbies and grabbing suitcases—to start packing.

Thank you, God, for carrying us through our fears— to get us to places we can only dream of, otherwise!




Lori is a mommy of four, a wife of 20 years, a college professor, a fitness lover and competitor, and a Christian.  Her question to herself, and those around her whom she cares about is this: “What can you DO to change your present life AND the lives of others for the better?” Then, DO it. She can be found online at http://hawaiimomof4.bodybyvi.com .

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