Let Me Humbly Show You How Right I Am

St Leonard's Church, Scorborough, East Yorkshire. Philip Edmondson via Compfight


How can we make change
When our conversations go
‘Round and around and…

A screen can’t replace
Emotional context or
A heart to listen.

A discourse, blog posts
With commentary.  Let’s prove
How right we really are.

I’ll use this scripture
Prove I’m right. You can’t do the same
That’s scripture misuse.

Hear ye everyone.
The best place to hide it seems
Is the Internet.

I’m sorry you have to
Wait.  Let me write this blog post
Then deal with your tears.

What if we took stock
Of our own lives.  What if we
Deal with our own wounds.

Yes, we can show love
Empathy, to people we
Disagree with. Go.

Nooo, that is too hard.
I’ve got to tell them their wrong.
‘Round and around and…


[Poem #191]

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