Let’s Shake Things Up

Tiny Ducks Fall Asleep on a Dock Domenico via Compfight


Let’s get married!
Let’s move to L.A and and be movie stars!
I’m going to quit my job and become
The world’s first hip hop harmonica player!
I’m gonna bake a cake
Yeah, you heard me.
I’m gonna run away with the circus
(Umm, do people still do that?
Who cares, I’m gonna become a spankin’ clown, Son!)
I’m gonna quit my job and become a professional video game player!
I’m gonna…I’m…gonna..
I just want to be happy.
Maybe I’ll just start where I am
Keep the dream and start slow.


Or maybe I’ll pick a fight with The Rock
And become the new People’s Champion!


[Poem #174]

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