On Respecting People: Looking Below The Surface

Right now, I appear to be stationary.  Yet the Earth is moving at approx 755 mph, give or take a few miles.  Depending on where you are on Earth, it is either spinning faster or slower (at the Equator, the Earth is spinning at 25,000 mph, in Los Angeles, it is spinning at approx. 829 miles per hour.)

Due to gravity and momentum and lots of other science facts, you and I do not feel a thing.  Yet we are in constant motion, moving through space and time.  I’m standing still, yet I’m moving over 700 miles an hour right now.  I think that is fascinating.

I think people are just as if not more fascinating.  We see people, but we do not see all they have been through.  Our perspective is limited by what we see just like what we see with the Earth’s rotations.

On the surface, a person appears to be a certain way.  But going deeper, there are all the hurts, pains, joys, successes,  failures, tragedies and triumphs that are the music to that person’s life composition. The verses to that person’s lifepoem.

I have been guilty of making assumptions about people and dismissing or labeling them without making the effort to understand what a person has been through.  Maybe we all are guilty of that at some point in our lives.

Perhaps if we attempt to see what is below the surface, we can understand people better and value them more.  We can allow them to do the same to us.

Some people, you have to look deeper to see it than with other people.  Sometimes you can find a quarter or a paper bill lying on the surface of the ground.  But you have to dig deep if you want to find gold or a diamond.

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