Love Has Won



Teach us to love
For there is no other way.

Rallying against your status quo
Would be like trying to move Christmas to the 27th.
So, we create a new conversation.

A conversation of art and forgiveness.
Gifts and listening.
Doing things because “that’s how we always did it”
Or because your father did it this way and his pappy before him
Will not be tolerated in our new dialogue.

We speak of hope, of grace, of the goodness of brand human.
We are good.  People are good.
Starting there, we move forward
Forward to help men
By teaching men to love.
To empower women
Not control behavior with guilt or shame.
Or passively dictate a narrative of “your life would be better with a man.”

We engage the culture through our art and the giving of our gifts
We rally to love, not condemn
We hold onto our beliefs, and respect the beliefs of others
We reflect a story told from the beginning, not starting at a cross
Nor from a garden of fruit and manipulation
But from the beginning, where concepts were drawn into reality through
Spoken word.
Where men and women were created good.

There, riding on the breeze, there are whispers of something brewing.
Something that won’t fit into a neat box of tradition.
Something messy, wild and free.
Something where thirteen grown homeless men who changed everything
Would feel welcome.
Something terrifying; it refuses to be tamed.
It seeks to love, and love is, by definition, ferociously beautiful.

Something new is stirring
The rising of the sun a majestic backdrop.
Look around, love has won
Shall you not know it?


[Poem #4.  Image by Sean Mac Entee via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]


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