Love Like An Earthquake

Earthquake Debris Continues to Clog Port-au-Prince Streets


Earthquake!  This past Tuesday, a 5.9 earthquake crisscrossed its way up the East Coast.  The epicenter was 30 miles from our house.  The aftershocks are still being felt (we felt one last night.)

All over the internet, television, newspapers, etc., people are talking about the quake.  “Did you feel it?”  “We were ______ when it happened.”  “So that was an earthquake right?”  “Let me check facebook or twitter to see what other people think.”  “Why didn’t someone text me this was going to happen?” (That quote came up on my personal facebook feed.  And knowing the person like I do, it’s questionable they said it in jest.)

In the event of tornados, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, hail, we have systems in place that will warn us ahead of time.  Not so much with earthquakes.  No warning.  No sirens.  Our regularly scheduled programming isn’t interrupted.  We go about our day and out of nowhere, SHAZAM!  Our world is literally rocked.  The same can be said of love.

Love, like an earthquake, is a remarkable pattern interruptor.  We go about our routine, doing our relationship thing when SHAZAM!  We are in love.  And we go through the same motions of validation:  “Do you feel it?”  “I know the moment when I feel in love with you” “So this is love what I’m feeling right?”  “Let me check facebook or twitter to see what other people think.”  “Why didn’t someone warn me this would happen?”

No sirens, no warnings, our regularly scheduled life is not just interrupted, but straight flipped turned upside down.

Also like earthquakes, love is terrifying because we aren’t 100% sure of what is happening.  The last quake of this magnitude here in Virginia was in 1897. Earthquakes don’t happen that often, and neither does love.

It’s not just for romance either.  Love for a cause that captures your attention.  Love for a family when tragedy strikes.  Love for an animal that steals your heart.  Love for your country when terror strikes.  Love for a group of people to speak up on their behalf.  Love for your dreams so they stop gestating and start becoming reality.  Love for a 3 week old baby I can’t begin to explain…


Love, like earthquakes, shakes us up and compels to stop and take notice.  


[photo by United Nations]
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