March 2011

March was quite interesting.  I still find myself doing more research/reading about writing and blogging than actually writing.  As much as I want to think that doing research and reading and taking notes will help (it will), nothing will help more than sitting down and writing.

I’m still trying to aim this website to be more for you than for me.  I don’t want to write about me, I want to write about things that will help you.  I want to solve problems with helpful, down-to-earth solutions than this become my online diary.  If a story from my life helps you, then I’m all about telling it.  Some people connect with stories, some with facts and figures.  In my heart I am a poet, but again, this blog isn’t about me.  It is for you and for me.

Speaking of personal, this month has been up and downs for me health-wise.  My new kidney is going through the same pains of knowing me like my friends and family have had to go through.  But as of today, I am feeling good.  I still struggle to answer that question when people ask.  I am feeling well, but sometimes I’m in pain, sometimes my new kidney hurts, but overall, I am feeling well.

My posts in March have seemed…heavy to me.  Yes, hope, faith, love and freedom can be heavy topics.  Yes, doing a self-inventory so you can help other people isn’t always filled with laughter and mirth (I have been waiting to use the word “mirth”, you don’t even know).  But I feel like it’s a bit too serious.  Maybe I need to lighten up?

I finished “The Next Christians” by Gabe Lyons and it blew my mind, it was so good.  I loved the perspective and how it challenged me on how I view God and how I view other people.  I highly recommend it.

I’m open to blog topics from you.  Again, this website isn’t about me per se, it is about you and what you want to read about.  There are literally millions of blogs on the web, and I know you are busy.  So whatever I can do to help you, I’m all about it.  Thank you so much for reading this slice of the internet pie.  It is appreciated.

[photo by David Weadon of  Weadon Photography]


  • Jermaine

    I think you should write how you feel. If you felt serious in March due to what’s going on in your life, then your posts will reflect that.

    I’d like to know more how you deal with your health problems on a day to day basis, both now and over the past 5 years. You always seem to keep a positive, non-complaining attitude that is inspiring. What helps you do this?

    I would NOT like to know how and why you decided to use “spankin'” as a catch-all expletive for your blog. Spankin.’ Really?

  • Hey David,

    Thanks for the comment, it is quite helpful. I can definitely write more about my health, attitudes, and what nots. One thing that helps me stay positive is my amazing network of friends and family, thanks for being a part of that as well.

    As for spankin’, well, I gotta be me!

  • Hi J!

    Okay, okay, I know I said I’d respond to the other one…and I will! But I wanted to recommend a book for you: Pastor Craig Groeschel’s Christian Atheist. If you have time, watch the sermon series “Practical Atheist” on his website (Archives). I know you will find some great nuggets in there…let me know what you think!
    PS. I love “spankin'”!! 🙂

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