Tap it


I opened a window
And downloaded you accidentally.

You infect me
Like a virus.
I find traces of you throughout my being.
How I think, how I feel.
Your name lives upon my mainframe
Upon my very breath.

Whenever you are near
I find myself
I can’t seem to find the words.
By the time I do, the moment has past.
You are high speed, I’m still dial-up.
The Google Chrome to my Windows ’98.

My eyes click on you
Hoping you won’t notice.
If you touched my hand, I think I would light up
A hyperlink to something else.

Hopefully we wil sync
My firewall is down
All my files at your disposal
A foolish notion
Or the START of something beautiful?



[Poem #46.  Photo by Green Heat via Compfight and a Creative Commons License.

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