Not Easily Forgotten: An Annual Review of 2013

Into the Clouds Wendell via Compfight


Twenty Thirteen.
With all of it’s highs and lows
Ebbs and flows.

We sit at the cusp of anew.
The blending of potential and kinetic
As we plan, as we declare changes resolute.
A moment, for me, of reflection.


Twenty Thirteen unfolded many things which went well.
The kindness of friends and our local church
To take in a family of four, displaced.
From mid-July to mid-October
My family was adrift on the stressful tides of transition.
Moving sucks. (No poetry for that, it just spankin’ does.)
Yet in the moving, people open up spaces
Three families lent their homes and love to a family in need.
Acts of kindness, compassion, and empathy which is not easily forgotten.
Transitions led to the mountains of West “By God” Virginia
Change and deer and biscuits everywhere.
And it is good.

A local pastor’s license received, onwards to seminary!
Baby boy and girl turning 2 and 1, respectively.
Home, introducing itself as family.
Not brick and mortar, these things fade and flood.
Home introduced itself in the from of my wife and bambinos
Where we are, home comes with us.
A new concept for me to breakdown and digest.

Twenty Thirteen, many things did not go well.
Creativity stopped, the writing well ran dry.
Grumpiness, disengagement, and numbing; and unholy trinity filled the vacuum.
And stress eating. I’ll just have one.  Or five.
A better husband, father, and friend I could have been.
My heart, beating yet not breathing or bleeding.
And a farewell to the fallen.
Four funerals attended in twenty thirteen.
Four too many.
Friends and family, gone too soon.
Not easily forgotten.

Life awaits, be it a new day or year.
Goals and revolutions are in effect
To move from complacency, to creating
To breaking deeper to vulnerability to serve.
To relaunching and relunching (Paleo here I come.)
To the lessons taught and learned from twenty thirteen.
You are not easily forgotten as we head into
A year anew.

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