November 2011

November was an interesting month.  I started and finished a project here on the website:  Poemvember.  30 days, 30 poems.  I learned a lot in the process, which has given me ideas for more projects to come.

Things in the House of Lane have been well.  We discovered the medicine our baby was taking was making her sick, not what the medicine was supposed to be fighting.  Switch medicines, and baby boo is a happy camper, as is her parents.  I’m still figuring out a good sleep pattern and I believe I’ve become a coffee drinker.  Starbucks’ menu is still a mystery to me, I’ve found a few local coffee spots that have met the need.

I’ve noticed I’ve become somewhat…insulated this month.  My interactions with people have been limited.  Sure, taking care of a newborn is time consuming, but I don’t want to lose touch with friends.  Plus, keeping in touch with people is a constant struggle, well before Cadence arrived.

I read 3 books this month and have concluded this year has been all about research.  As of today, I’ve read 19 books this year.  I’ve started processing it all into a map that will help people.  All of this, everything here, my desire is to help people and not be self-serving.  If it starts becoming that, you have my consent to call me out on it.

I am excited about chunking it all down and what it all will look like.  I think it will be good, a benefit to you.

As far as my health, my creatinine level (the level used to measure kidney function) is 1.6!  Yes!  I was concerned it was rising, there were several days I did not feel my best.  For those of you just tuning in, a normal creatinine level is 0.5 to 1.2.  Since I have a new kidney, the goal is to keep it under 2.  You can read more here.

We spent the Thanksgiving holiday in Raleigh and Wilmington N.C. with my Father-In-Law’s side of the family.  It was great, a lovely group of people.  Plus, spending time with the in-laws is always a joy.

Thank you for reading and how was your November?

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