Curious the day a heart grew arms.

To carry the wounded, the hurt

The incapacitated and elderly

Arms to carry a workload unbelievable.


Hands sprouted from the arms

To comfort the anxious and scared.

To find veins to introduce healing balms.

To push back against the god of death coming to claim another.

1 1000, 2 1000, 3 1000 compressions for thirty life.

Hands to care for the newborn in NICU

To reassure the depressed they are not alone.

To type and write, charts never-ending.

Hands to adhere a Scooby-Doo bandaid to the young warrior.


Curious the day a heart grew legs and feet.

To walk miles and miles of a 12 hour or 16 hour shift.

To run to a code, to catch their patient’s breath before it’s gone forever.

To walk away from the unruly, the disrespectful, the ego

Of doctors and those patients alike.

To tread a path for the student and the new.


Curious the day a heart grew such a mind

To know what to do when time freezes.

To know what to say when there are no words

To catch a medication error. Again.

To know how to get the most stubborn to take their medicine.

To know the importance of sleep and unless the house or the planet is on fire

You best not wake me up.


Curious the day a heart grew

Curious still, how after

It looked like a nurse.



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