Of Things To Come

Café con leche - Milchkaffee


[In which the archangels Gabriel and Michael are sitting in the Tactus Dei Cafe, drinking large mugs of hot chocolate with extra, extra whipped cream.  They are dressed in black suits, crisp white shirts.]


Gabriel (Royal Ambassador, The Vox Dei, One Of The Seven Who Stand Before The Lord and lover of hot chocolate)

Verily, a time hath arrived
For the sons and daughters of earth.
To shine, the Great Iniquity riseth from the space
Between the night and the Dawn.

Our time of observation
Nay, of sublimated interference
Has come to it’s conclusion.
Henceforth, we maketh ourselves known.

The time of champions bringeth celebration.
With celebration, pain.
Those who would thwart the brave
Gather in plain sight, power and mammon at their beckon call.

The days of truth

(Yes madam, I would desire another cup of this warm frothy brew.
And another for my brother in arms.  I thank thee kindly.)

As I was saying…oh yes, the days of truth
Hidden in the landscapes of people
Only noticed by the tender few
Now eclipse into a new era.

Shall they not perceive it?


Michael (Captain of the Heavenly Host, The Unfettered Wrath of Glory, One Of The Seven Who Stand Before The Lord, enjoys hot chocolate even more than Gabriel, and that’s saying something.)

Yes, the time is nigh.
In this year of our Lord, they come.
Doth not fire and the flame cleanse a path
Suffering and agony bringeth hope once lost.

Come come, oh sons of man
Sing sing, you  daughters of fierce compassion.
Do thou not see it, do thou not suspect what breweth right in front of you.
The Great Iniquity calls out for battle, for violence.

Oh if I could raise up an army.
Girded backs with iron cast upon their hearts.
Your days of indulgence smacked out of your hands like a braggart.
Sleep would be a fond memory as you train like a warrior.

Your possessions and pride hath made thou easy prey.
The Great Iniquity roams the streets like a lion, stand up and fight!
Take up arms you men.
Take broad sword in hand you women.
Come, let us swath a trail of blood and horror as we vanquish our enemies and…

(Thank you Gabriel, I would like another.  And if you could leave this…cream that is whipped at our table
it would be most appreciated by the both of us.  I’ve also heard rumblings of a collaboration of peanut butter
and chocolate.  Bring us these…Reese’s cups post haste.)

Rise, rise ye humans, you tender beings of grit and grace!
Rise, the age of your complacency is over!
Shall I fight for you?
Shall I hold your hand and wipe your nose like a newborn?

Shall I tuck thee in at night and sing to you?
Shall I hug thee as you whine about how hard it is to _______.
NO!!!!  Today ye bleed tears of hard work.
Today thou shalt dig deep into your very soul.

[To Be Continued…]


[Poem #34.  This is a preview of things to come, if you are confused. Image by marfis75 via Flickr and a Creative Commons License.]





  • I love this. The holy chocolate-eaters, and the message. It’s been a whiny, play-small kind of day (life?) for me. I suspect there are greater ways of living.

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