Off the Grid and Not Waiting

Hello everyone!  So I’ve been off the grid for the past week and a half.  Apparently, computers are like Gremlins; it’s not a good idea to get them wet.  I’m writing this at the Apple Store in Richmond while my wife waits for her computer to be ready (they told us it would be ready today…not so much).   Also, my phone retired after 4 years of dutiful service.

Being off the grid is interesting.  No computer, no phone.  Remember when that was, you know, how we rolled?  What I should have done was have a bunch of posts written ahead of time and scheduled to go live so I wouldn’t have to go all bootleg to write.  (I was just kicked off here by an Apple Store employee.  I”m looking over my shoulder like the Cookie Monster at a bakery.  Also, there is a nun here using a computer.  How cool is that!).

How do you handle things when the unexpected happens?  

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